SIDE KIT: Overview SIDE KIT: Overview

The Tarpco Side Kit System unfolds from the drivers side to curbside.
  • 18oz vinyl material
  • Webbing reinforcements
  • Custom fit to the trailer, no matter rise of bows being used
  • Many options available
SIDE KIT: Heavy Duty SIDE KIT: Heavy Duty
  • 18oz vinyl material
  • Webbing reinforcements sewn into hems, tail corners, and underside of nose for added strenght
  • Heat sealed seams
SIDE KIT: Quality Components SIDE KIT: Quality Components
  • Zinc plated d-rings around the perimeter
  • Custom designed multi-faceted stakes with wide 'T' on back for board stability; manufactured from t-6 hardened aluminum
  • Bows bent in house with T-6 hardened aluminum guarantees consistency of rise and quality
  • Many styles of panels to choose from to match your application
  • Stake straps
SIDE KIT: Available Options SIDE KIT: Available Options
  • Two step nose - gives tighter fit with high rise bows
  • 5' & 6' kits
  • Painted boards, 4' or 5' kits
  • 2' x 5' skylight
  • Plastic bow sleeve.
  • Up to 36" high rise bow
  • Drop decks - Tarpco's specialty!