Tarpco's Tarp Lock System: Overview TARPLOCK: Overview

The Tarpco Tarplock System locks on the drivers side and rolls to the curb side.
  • Custom fitted to you trailer
  • 22oz material instead of the standard 18oz
Tarpco's Tarp Lock System: What You Get TARPLOCK: What You Get

The Side Roll System uses 22oz vinyl with webbing reinforcement every 30", heat sealed seams, hems, and pockets. The tarps are all custom made to fit your trailer in our shop.

All seams are welded and not sewn like the competition.
Tarpco's Tarp Lock System: Choices TARLOCK: Choices

You have a choice of your tail setup.

You can chose to have your tail attached to the main body or have a seperate tail with a pocket.

The system has a seperate nose with bow pocket and two bows.

Tarpco's Tarp Lock System: Options TARPLOCK: Available Options
  • Master bows with vinyl nose or tails are available
  • Aluminum nose cap
  • Stainless steel flex crank assembly, 54"
  • Aluminum tail cap
  • Pivot bows from 37' to 42'
  • Flex bows from 96" to 10" wide