The Tarpco Crank System operates from front to back and either comes powered or unpowered.

Driven by a #40 steel chain
Lockable ratchet crank mounted at ground level
Adjustable idler assembly
Custom fitted to your trailer
22oz material instead of the standard 18oz

Adjustable Idler Assembly

The sprockets for the system are mounted on a side track to keep proper tension on chain. This setup prevents the chain from slipping and also makes chain adjustment simple and cost effective.

The system comes with a #40 steel chain and a stainless steel chain is available as an option.


For the Tarpco Crank System, several options are available for the rear of the trailer.

We have optional two piece tail assemblies available. In this setup, the trailer is completely sealed and diverts water from the back end of the trailer. The back end is sealed for state jobs. With this setup, the back of the tarp slides together and overlaps the end flap.

Solid Steel Front Pully

Plated for rust prevention

Deep V groove insures good cable grip (no slipping) and stops the cable from coming out of the assembly

Standard Front Bar

1″ solid stainless steel front bar, keyway on ends

4 greaseable pillow blocks mounted out toward ends for strength. Stops bar ends from bending back under normal cable pressure

Solid pulleys and chain sprocket

Solid aluminum airdamn (optional)

Radius Leveling Kit Option

This option allows for maximum loading space.

Prevents loading damage.

Squares off front radius on dump trailers so tht the front bar can be mounted outside the trailers.

Optional Electric Motor

We have two direct drive styles of motors available: thru shaft and bar end

Either style powered by 6-2 wire ran through the bulkhead and down main body

Wires ran using rubber grommets inline fuses to prevent overload and damage to the system

Heavy duty rotary or rocker switch is conveniently mounted in the cab

New Optional Weather Guard

Key features help

Keep asphalt hot

Keep the weather out

Keep the tarp from lifting in high winds

Keep tarp aligned


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